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Water Heater Hub offers easy-to-follow troubleshooting and DIY repair advice on a variety of water heater problems. There’s no reason to be intimidated by this common appliance! Was this website helpful to you? Rate it!  

A.O. Smith University

A.O. Smith University is a free online training site offering classes on residential and commercial water heating products for contractors and service technicians. Learn to troubleshoot problems quickly, and perform the necessary repairs! Was this website helpful to you?

Don’t know if you need a plumber for that seemingly simple fix? Plumbing Help provides DIY guides, informative articles, and a discussion forum to help you decide when you need a professional, or how to do it yourself. Canadian visitors

Faucet Central

Need to repair your faucet? Looking for schematics and parts lists? Whether you’re needing to fix a leaky faucet or buy a new one, is the place to learn more about everything having to do with faucets. Was

Water Heater Leaking Info

Every house has a water heater, but do you really know what to do when it leaks or breaks down? What safety measures should you take and who you should call? What kind of maintenance needs to be performed to

DIY Plumbing Advice strives to provide you with plumbing and water information that is reliable, responsible, and free. The purpose of this site is to show YOU how to do it, not just to show an abbreviated video of how

Water Heaters Info Source

All about dealing with water heater problems, specifically leaking. Leaking is a big problem for two reasons. First, it kills the pressure to your entire house and you actually need more water delivered through your pipes to get through the

THE resource for finding a replacement for your broken toilet tank lid. If you are looking for obsolete, used, vintage and old porcelain china toilet tank lids, or what to do with them, then is the right place! We

Plumbing School Guide

Find a plumbing school! Because plumbers will always be a necessity in life, it is a job that will constantly be in demand. Most plumbers belong to some sort of labor union, so plumbing wages and benefits are generally adequate

PlumbingWarehouse is the place to go when you need to find out which replacement parts are required to fix your leaky faucet. This site has many faucet breakdowns/diagrams/schematics. The goal at is to be your resource for helping assist