Leone Plumbing and Heating

Address: 2250 Ridge Rd West Suite 300
Rochester, NY 14626

Phone: (585) 458-5800

Website: www.leoneservice.com

Services: Plumbing, Remodeling, HVAC, Radient Heating, Toilet Repair, Hydro-jetting, Sewer, Drain Cleaning

Areas Served: Rochester

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  1. John Morgan says:

    On 4/10/17 I had a scheduled “free estimate” with Leone Plumbing and Heating due to water backing up in my basement floor drain every time there was a heavy rain. However, when they arrived, I was told that they wouldn’t be able to give me an estimate for fixing the problem unless they performed a video camera line inspection of the drain which would cost $350, so I went ahead and had them do it and it was determined that the basement floor drain was completely blocked just outside of our walk-out basement. I was then given an estimate that seemed quite high for the job, so I decided to get a few more estimates from three other companies. After each of these companies came and performed this same service, to include the video camera line inspection of the drain, as part of their free estimate with no charge, and all three determined the location of the blockage to be in a spot that was a few feet away from Leone’s location and inside of our home underneath the cement floor, I decided to call Andy Leone and question him concerning this. During our phone conversation, when I asked Andy why he charged $350 for a service that all of the other companies provided as part of their free estimate, he got upset and said that I agreed to the price before they did the work and that the equipment they used costs thousands of dollars for them to buy and that they need to recoup that money somehow. I also questioned him as to why the other companies all got a reading located multiple feet from where his workers told us and under our basement floor vs outside as his workers had said. I asked him to at least come back himself and check his worker’s results for accuracy due to these significant discrepancies, and told him that I felt I should be completely refunded if his company had provided me with inaccurate results. He became very rude, talking down to me and cutting me off by talking over me while I was speaking. He stated that these other companies didn’t know what they were doing and went on to tell me that if he came back to check his worker’s results and they were wrong that he would give me a refund of the $350, but that if the results were right that he would charge me an additional $350 all over again for the service! At that point, I told him that I felt that he was being very unreasonable and unprofessional, and it wasn’t until I mentioned contacting the BBB concerning this that he changed his tune and said that he would come back and check things himself without charging me. On 5/17, when Andy arrived to recheck things, not only did he struggle to get his readings (he had trouble getting the equipment started and then even got the camera stuck in the floor drain for over 30 minutes from trying to force it as far as he could), but still insisted that the pipe came outside of the walk-out basement foundation. I didn’t really have a lot of faith in this and felt that there was strength in numbers in terms of the results that all three of the other companies agreed upon, so we ended up hiring one of them to do the job instead. When the job was performed on 6/15, the end of the drain pipe was found exactly where the three companies had marked it beneath the concrete floor. I called Andy that day, hoping that he would be available to stop by and see these results before the job was finished and the floor was re-cemented, but got no answer. Therefore, I took multiple pictures of the work site and sent them as proof via email to him (along with my request for a refund as he had promised if his results were inaccurate) on both 6/19 and again on 7/11, and also mailed “hard copies” via certified USPS mail on 7/15. To date, I have still not heard from Andy, which shows that he has no intention of keeping his word concerning a refund. It is for these reasons that I have filed a complaint with the BBB and feel it is important to let others know of my bad experience in receiving poor/inaccurate results and horrible customer service from this company.

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