Trethewey Brothers Inc

Address: 4280 Washington St
Roslindale, MA 02131

Phone: (617) 325-3283


Services: Small Appliance Repair, Appliance Sales, Ceramic Tile, Chimney Sweep, Gas Leak Repair, Gas Logs, Heating & Air Conditioning/hvac, Lighting, Plumbing, Remodeling, Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling, Sewer Cleaning, Water Heaters, Wells

Areas Served: Portions of Suffolk and Norfolk Counties, Metro Boston, 15 mile radius from Roslindale, Ma

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One review for “Trethewey Brothers Inc
  1. Jamie O'Brien says:


    Our family has used Trethewey Brothers as needed for about two years now since moving back into the service area. 2 jobs completed in that time period to my satisfaction specifically because of the plumber that came to house. Keith, good man. Sat and had coffee with my family each time. Months later and out of no where I experienced VERY AGGRESSIVE collections from their office without being able to prove that a $200 invoice open, was actually due as all invoices were paid with plumber onsite with credit card. VERY rude office management. Letting that go… I was in need of a 3rd request for service. Not only was I harassed over this unproven debt to collect the $200 prior to appointment (was paid in full finally once they were able to prove this portion of a job was due prior to 3rd appointment), I stayed home from my company for the 7am-11am window in which I was told they would arrive. At 11:30am I contacted the office to check on my appointment as I have half a business day wasted and several employees needing my in office attention. MUCH to my dismay when I contacted TB, the office manager whom answered the phone was extremely rude and unprofessional to me with zero compassion for my time and service needs after being very level headed with her. Short, sharp rude answers. She simply got more and more attitude as I questioned her in regards to her not informing me of the tardiness and requesting to give me a new window of time so I could plan accordingly and simply said “we will be there when we get there”. Then… “Do you want to cancel” with plenty of go screw yourself attitude in her voice. ZERO customer service. At that moment I asked to talk to her boss. Her boss got on phone and I asked him how his day was. Then I proceeded to express in kind my experience with his representative. He called me a liar basically saying “he highly doubts that, I know my girls too well” “I’m not gonna get into this with you. How can I help you?” I said you can help me by telling me how you will discipline your representative for talking to a customer the way she did? He said in an a VERY aggressive and cocky voice “I’m not gonna go round and round with you.” How can I help you specific to your job” I said just cancel it.

    PEOPLE, their are many good plumbers out there. My father lives down cape and is crippled with 3 different types of arthritis, body run into the ground at 60 years old still from 42 years of plumbing and still crawling through spaces to get the job done . Its a sad day when you are treated like a POS when hiring a skilled labor unit to service your home. The culture internally at TBros is at best disgusting at best in management. FIND GOOD CULTURE AT THE CORE IN THE COMPANIES YOUR COMMISSION TO SERVICE YOU. They will enrich your lives and experience. No one is perfect but when your spending your time and money… Stick with harmonious driven entities. Stay away from this one

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