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Plumbing Mfr Representatives
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Plumbing Manufacturer Representatives on the Web:

A. H. Deveney & Co., Inc - Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Tennessee, West Virginia
Albert Sterling & Associates - Texas
Alliance Manufacturer Representatives, Inc - New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Lousianna, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida
Allison Sales & Marketing - North Carolina & South Carolina
American Marketing & Sales Group - Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington
Ayers & Associates, Inc. - Alabama, Florida, Missouri,Tennessee
Barbieri & Kline, Inc. - Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
Barclay Sales - British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Canada
Burke Agency Inc. - Michigan
Cedar Ridge Sales - New Mexico and Texas
Chumley And Associates - Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas
CMR, Inc. - Texas
Contact Sales Company - Colorado, Montana, Wyoming
Corbett, Wingard, & Ray - Texas
Davenport Associates, INC. - New England
Delco Sales - Hawaii, California and Nevada
C.K. Dorman & Co., Inc. - Kansas, Missouri
DSC Pacific - California
Duhart Company - Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington D.C.
David Gooding Inc - NorthEast Mid Atlantic area
Elmco & Associates - Nevada, Northern California
Emerson Swan, Inc - New England, Upstate New York, Western Pennsylvania and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
Fanning & Associates - Colorado, Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming
Fluid Industrial Associates, Inc. (FIA) - Massachusetts
Fluid Technologies, Inc. - Chicago Land, Northern Illinois, Central Illinois, NW Indiana, Eastern Wisconsin, and UP Michigan
Granse/Trio Sales, LLC - Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Upper Penninsula of Michigan
Group One Northeast - Upstate New York
Halstead & Associates LLC. - Western New England
Hamel Associates, Inc. - Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Western Wisconsin
Hugh M. Cunningham Inc. - Texas
H.O.K. Sales - Illinois, Indiana
Gary Holland Sales, Inc - New York, Pennsylvania
H2R, Inc. - Idaho,Nevada, Utah
In Depth Marketing - Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska
Inland Sales Group - Illinois, Iowa
Integrity Sales and Marketing - Florida
Joslin Sales Limited - Northwestern United States
KA Sales Associates - Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska
Kitchen Bath Marketing - Arizona, California, Nevada
L&R Associates, Inc - Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia
E. A. Langenfeld Associates Ltd. - Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin
W.T. Leonard & Associates - Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska
Lewis Marketing Inc - North and South Carolina
Lindstrom & Associates - Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee
Ludwig, Smith & Walker, Inc. - North and South Carolina
MACO Southeast, LLC - Florida
Manufacturers Marketing Incorporated - Indiana, Kentucky
Marsh & Moore, Inc. - Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina
Martin & Smith, Inc. - Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
McCain Sales Company - Alabama, Florida Panhandle, Mississippi, Tennessee
McCullough & Associates - Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin
McGregor & Associates Idaho, Oregon, Northeast Nevada, Utah, Wyoming
Mega Western Sales - Arizona, California, Nevada
Mid-America Sales Group - Iowa, Nebraska
Midwest Spec - Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia
MJB Sales Inc. - Colorado, Wyoming & Nebraska panhandle
Mullen Corporation - Florida
Northwest Sales Associates - Oregon, Washington
O'Connor Sales - California, Nevada
Oklahoma Group, Inc. - Oklahoma, Northwestern Arkansas
Osborn Company, Inc. - Nevada, Northern California
Pannell/Associates, Inc. - Oklahoma, Arkansas
Pepco Sales & Marketing - Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas
P I R Sales - Arizona, Nevada
James M. Pleasants Company - Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee
P-M & Associates, Inc. - Indiana, Kentucky
J.H. Pokorny Associates - Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont
Preferred Sales Associates, Inc. - Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee
Preferred Sales, Inc - Ohio, West Pennsylvania, West Virginia
Progressive Reps, Inc. - Iowa, Nebraska
ProLine Marketing - Texas
Harry Raskin, Inc. - Florida
Reid Pacific Co. - Idaho, Oregon, Washington
RepCo NorthwestAlaska, Oregon, Washington
Repco Sales of Georgia - Georgia
Rep Source, LLC - Kentucky, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania
RepSouth - Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington D.C.
RSL Sales - Florida
Sales Service Plus, Inc. - Michigan
Sandia Group, Inc. - New Mexico
Shamrock Sales, Inc. - Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, New Mexico and parts of Nebraska
Snider Inc. - North Carolina, South Carolina
Soter-Martin of Virginia, Inc - Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C.
Spotswood Associates, Inc. - Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee
SWS Sales LLC - Fond du Lac, Wisconsin and serving WI, MI, IL, ND, SD & IA
Sunburst Sales Inc - Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada
SysTec Services Inc - Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio
Tim Morales & Associates - Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi
Tipton Company - Texas
TM Sales, Inc. - Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, Texas, Wyoming
VCM Sales, Inc. - Alabama, Florida, Mississippi
VPC Sales - California
Wallace Eannace Associates Inc - New Jersey, New York
Wescor - Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington
Western States Sales Inc. - Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington
Westland Sales & Warehousing - Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming
Westmark Enterprises - California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii
Wiggs-Haun&Bohan - Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee
Woods and Jaye Sales Co., Inc. - New Jersey, New York
Wright Associates - Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina

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